I am wondering how healthy it is for children over the age of 6 to spend time away from their parents, and be looked after by grandparents. When I say 'time' I mean more than 2 days but not more than 10 days. My In-laws invited us to spend time with them in a summer house they have rented for the summer, my daughter went with them as the school holidays have started, but I thought that it could be better for my daughter to have some time away from both her Father and myself.

We have talked on Skype, and she seems genuinely comfortable, and when we say I miss you to each other we genuinely do feel it. We had not done this before, but I am amazed that it feels so healthy. Are there any other parents who have done this, and felt it to be right? My question is actually this, if both the child and the parents benefit from this mini break, should this be encouraged more? Could it really work out so well?

Grandparents get to have quality time with their grandchildren, who are then exposed to a different loving environment and parents have time to regenerate their batteries so to speak.

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I can only speak from our own experience. Last year we left our daughter (22 months at the time, so much younger than 6) with her grandparents while we went away on vacation for almost two weeks. Although she was very much a "mommy's girl" she is also very close to her grandparents who live nearby. She had a fantastic time and we felt refreshed when we came home. I have to say that after the first week I really did miss her a great deal and was looking forward to seeing her but it didn't ruin our vacation and I knew that she was happy and well cared for. From my experience (and maybe not all parents feel this way) parenting, particularly young children can be exhausting and being away a little bit was like hitting the reset button and I could back to appreciating her more.

I also have experience with this from my own childhood. When I was 6 and again 8 years old, I spent the entire summer with my grandparents as they lived several hours away. Although I missed my mom, I honestly didn't think about it that much because I had so much fun. The benefits were that I got to spend more time with my grandparents and aunts and uncles, and had new experiences. I also have a younger brother who got to have some good one-on-one time with my parents while I was away, something I had benefited from being the eldest.


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Amen. My daughter who is 5 has spent a week at her grandparents in another state without my husband or myself present. As a child I spent up to 3 weeks at my grandparents house during the summers. I missed my parents, but over all I think it was good to learn to deal with the separation in a safe environment.

(05 Jul '11, 15:55) mkcoehoorn

There were a few times when I had to leave her with my mother in law and my own mother when she was much younger( around 2) and I guess that because I had no choice but to do that I didn't feel comfortable about it at all...

(05 Jul '11, 16:01) Emi
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