I've had some great success potty-training my 22-month old son in the past 2 weeks- correction, HE has had the success :) -and he will use the potty for both pee and poo quite regularly now, which we are ecstatic about...But the success seems to end at my front door.

At home I have the potty in whatever room we are in, including outside in the backyard, and when he feels the sensation to go he'll announce "pee pee potty!" and run over to it and sit and do his business (granted there's a lot of sitting where nothing comes out, but that's ok!). In the past three days there have been no accidents while at home. The only other place he has done well outside of the home was at my sister's house where I was able to have the potty in plain sight as well, while we were outside by her pool.

However, wherever we go where the potty is NOT in plain sight he often does not announce he has to go and will have accidents. I expect this more when we are out shopping or in the car, but had hoped that if we were at someone's house where I had put the potty in the bathroom that he would still tell me he has to go and I could take him there.

It's good to note that he will not just go on command if I take the lead and sit him on the potty to see if he needs to go before we go out or while we're at someone's house- he ONLY goes when he takes the initiative....But if the potty is out of sight, it really is out of mind! :s

So, I guess what I want to know is, what is my next step? What should I be doing to get him to be potty trained when he goes back to his home daycare after our holiday, or when we're in a store, or visiting someone's house?

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At this point it might be a good idea to try leaving the potty chair in the bathroom all the time. Since he knows what to do in it, the next step should be where he should do it. Right now he's kinda getting the idea that he can go potty anywhere, so I would say work on where he should go potty and regularly send him to the bathroom so that he can see it and decide if he needs to do anything. It might be necessary to set a timer so that he is going to the bathroom at regular intervals and he has plenty of opportunities.


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My son was potty trained at home for quite a while before he would go elsewhere but I think part of that was due to an unfortunate automatic flushing incident. In any case, anytime I went out of the house I would find a bathroom and have him sit on the potty for at least a couple of seconds. He didn't have to do anything on it, I just wanted him to sit for a moment or two (and sometimes it was literal seconds). Afterwards, I would give him two small M & M candies. Once he got use to sitting on the potty in other locations, I wouldn't give him the M & Ms unless he actually produced something. I also always warn him before I flush since the noise of industrial toilets can be very loud.

Of course, there are many people who say you should not reward your child with food (p. 5 of pdf), which I do theoretically agree with, so maybe you could use stickers or something else as a reward for trying bathrooms outside the home.

I should also mention that my son will still have accidents if I don't remind him to go sit on the potty every so often. At home this is pretty infrequent but anytime we're traveling I make sure to have him sit at regular intervals.


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