We have a 2 year old daughter and now we expect a baby in November. I was wandering, after the initial few months when the newborn will be sleeping in our bedroom, are there any reasons not to put both children in one room together? The first thing that comes to my mind is safety - is the older one not going to do something silly yet dangerous to the little one?

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The advice on Berkeley parents network may be helpful: http://parents.berkeley.edu/advice/sleep/sharebr.html (general advice on sharing a bedroom) http://parents.berkeley.edu/advice/family/2under2.html#20 (specific question on baby and toddler sharing a room)

Sounds like this is a very common thing to do!

(22 Jul '11, 12:27) Anne

Our daughters are two years apart. My main concern at this stage would be our 7 month old, who is not consistently sleeping through the night, waking up our 3 year old. The baby moved out of our room when she outgrew her bassinet a couple of months ago.

Your concerns about safety are also valid. Although our oldest daughter loves her baby sister we have to be careful leaving them alone for more then a minute. Sometimes she "over loves her" or gets too excited around her, which can be unsafe if not supervised.


answered 16 Jul '11, 15:44

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Our kids were slightly old (10 mths and nearly 3)when they started sharing due to us moving into a house where it was practical. We never had a problem with our son climbing into the cot but our daughter was not sleeping through. In the main our son slept through it but we did on occassion put our daughter in the portacot in the lounge when we were trying to teach her to sleep through.

(17 Jul '11, 04:06) K D
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