My 5 month old has been a very needy baby. Since day 1 he has wanted to be held ALL the time. I tried to let him "self soothe" but all that seems to do is make him so upset he cries so hard he gags himself and I'm worried he may make himself sick. He has never liked the swing, vibrating chair, bouncer, jolly jumper, the car (carseat), or tummy time and forget putting him on his back (he hates that the most!). I put him down and within 5 minutes he is screaming. He will only sleep on his tummy and now that he is rolling over it really doesnt matter how I lay him down he WILL roll over. He doesn't take a substantial nap during the day and is awake pretty much from 8am until 11pm and wakes up once during the night to eat. He is exhausted and so am I. I have had him checked for acid reflux, a hernia and whatever else the dr and I could think of. He doesn't show signs of reflux because he is a very big eater and it shows (he is about 22lbs and wearing 12-18 month clothes). The only thing wrong with him is with his feet (metatarsus adductus) and that isn't painful for him. I can't continue to hold him all the time, he is just getting to heavy! I am at a loss! I have a 2yr old and a 14yr old as well. My husband works 12 hr nights, sleeps all day and I don't have family near to help me out or give me a break (I am a stay at home mom). I have found myself crying and pleading (silly , I know) with him to please just go to sleep. I can handle it most of the day but by 8pm I am in tears. Help me...please!

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Hi Theresa, I'm hoping that some of the answers to the following similar questions may be helpful to you

(17 Jul '11, 21:16) Tammy ♦♦

This is an old question now - but any luck with this? He is now 1...right?

My guess is an over tired baby is a mess. :-(


answered 30 Jan '13, 21:29

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