My son just received the beginning stages of his teeth. The doctor suggested we put a banana in the freezer and allow him to gnaw on it. So, we did that, and he seemed to really enjoy it. My question is, do you think his digestive system can handle baby foods? Even just one? Also, do you think it's ok to put cereal in his bottle. I have our son on soy milk, Similac, due to lactose intolerant issues... Just curious what you may think about this. Thanks!!

asked 24 Jul '11, 12:12

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Hi Jilliann to help us answer your question, could you clarify why who feel that your son needs baby food at this time?

(24 Jul '11, 14:10) Tammy ♦♦

This is something you should probably discuss with your doctor. Every baby is different. Some are ready to start cereal at 2 months and some not until 6 months. Your doctor would have a better understanding of your baby's needs at this time. Since he has already recommended a frozen banana for teething, he may give the go ahead to cereal.


answered 24 Jul '11, 23:36

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