I'd like to start introducing more musical concepts to my toddler such as how different instruments make different sounds. What sort of instruments do your children play with? Right now, my son has a pretty cheap drum set with some other small percussion instruments. I've been thinking of getting a recorder for him and am wondering if there's anything else that would be useful to consider.

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As a child I had a xylophone. It is how I learnt my basic music notes (doh, re, mi...) as a toddler. My 2 year old got one for Christmas last year that both she and her younger sister love. Most of our other instruments right now are percussion as well.


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Our 3 year-old daughter goes to a music class for children, and she learned to follow a song's rhythm with percussion instruments. Tap-tap-tap at quarter-note intervals. This seems to be hard for some children to acquire, so it's an important step. The next step was to teach her quarter notes, eighth notes, and quarter rests, so she could follow simple dah-deedee-dah-deedee-dah rhythms written on the blackboard. The teacher used a "pulse of the heart" analogy - quarters are one pulse each, and eighths go two to each pulse.

We have a couple of nice djembes, and our daughter seems to be getting the hang of producing the different tones you can do by striking the drum in different parts.

For melodic instruments, it seems easier to give them instruments that are easy to play and that don't have distractions. A recorder is too hard for our 3yo - she doesn't have the finger coordination or finger length yet. A xylophone is fine. One of those "Yamaha melodion" keyboards where you blow through a hose to make the sounds come out is a good exercise in coordination (like an accordion but without the bellows). Electronic keyboards with lots of instruments and rhythms seem like a distraction; our daughter prefers to fiddle with the knobs and buttons than to try to play the keys (and don't get me started on the Barbie keyboards that play little melodies on their own whenever they want...).

Psaltery, xylophone, toy piano with no frills, harp - all those seem to be simple and direct enough.


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My daughter loves music. She has a tamborine (a proper one not a cheap plastic one) and some shakers. I want to get a Xylophone but haven't found one that make a good sound. I also put on some music to sing with.

She got her first instruments for first birthday. Initially I didn't them in the toy box until she learnt what to do with them. We have spot where we keep toys that they need to get mum or dad to get out. It is visible but they can't reach them. If I got a recorder I would definitely it keep for a supervised activity only.


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