Our five year old has 15-20 minutes home work most nights mainly consisting of a reading book, some alphabet activity or some maths basic facts.

When I am working though his homework with him our three year old wants to be there doing the same thing. I tried to give her playdough at the other end of the table but she wants to be sitting on my knee doing what big brother is doing. Alternatively she will go and do something she is not allowed to do. Either way it is distracting for my son.

How do other people manage this situation?

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Could you try making up some "homework" for your younger child to do? At three years old, he might be ready for some alphabet or sight words flash cards to play with. You could also have the five year old read the book aloud to the younger child.


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Things that are guaranteed to keep my 3-year-old daughter occupied:

  1. Games on my wife's iPhone
  2. Any 30 minute episode of her favorite TV show
  3. Cheezy poofs
  4. Episodes of her other favorite TV show watchable on my iPhone
  5. Looking at photo albums with pictures of her as a baby

I humbly acknowledge that some of these are not ideal choices...


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Our 3 1/2 year-old is quite happy to be sat at the table at the same time, with her own 'work' to do (a pencil, some paper, maybe paints, or a book to read). Doesn't always work out perfectly.


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