Our son is cow's milk protein intolerant, and possibly lactose intolerant too. He's coming up to a year old and we were wondering about introducing milk into his diet, since babies often grow out of their intolerances at about a year.

Has anyone had any experience with introducing dairy to a child with intolerances? What's the best way to do it?

asked 17 Oct '09, 11:06

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pete the pagan-gerbil
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Frankly I am not sure about the protein allergy but for lactose intollerance you start with things that have reduced levels of Lactose. Aged cheese over 2 years does not have lactose so maybe try slightly younger cheeses. Yoghurt with active enzymes are digestible by people with LI because of the way the body proceses it. Ice cream and cottage cheese are also very low in lactose. Here is a great article that explains everything:



answered 17 Oct '09, 13:58

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Following around that link a bit, I found that there's also milk allergy and milk protein intolerance - which are both distinct and seperate from each other and lactose intolerance, we're not sure which one he has - and no advice about introducing it in. There's just a note that 'treatment is the same' - avoid all dairy :P

(18 Oct '09, 08:13) pete the pagan-gerbil
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