Hi.. I am a mom of a 10th month old baby girl. My daughter was drinking milk absolutely fine but suddenly since 3 days she's not taking milk and has hardly taken 6 ounces milk in 2 days. She's taking yogurt however and im trying to give her water so that she's not dehydrated. It was her regular checkup yesterday and the doctor didnot find any throat problem or ear problem. However she's teething and her upper tooth is getting out. Can teething be the reason for all this ? I am really worried for her coz she is already a little weak :( What can i do to make her drink milk ??

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In my experience teething can definately be a reason for a baby to refuse the bottle. I remember our daughter going through this at various stages. I asked the Public Health Nurse at the time and she said that teething can cause a baby to either refuse bottles/drinks or solid food. She suggested trying to give the milk a little less warm (if you warm the bottles) or cold (if you're giving milk from the fridge) as they could be more sensitive to the extreme temperatures when teething.

Answers to this question may be helpful to you: http://moms4mom.com/questions/3636/help-my-baby-wont-drink-his-bottle-any-more


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