Let's say my daughter (3) wants to talk to an adult named Jane Smith. Should she refer to her as Miss Smith? Miss Jane? Jane?

I'm not sure which is appropriate these days...

asked 26 Aug '11, 02:56

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I think you make a good point about "which is appropriate these days"

(05 Sep '11, 05:06) Emi

I would start with the most formal so not to offend... and then the adult can correct you if they are not comfortable being addressed so formally. It's easier for them to ask to be addressed less formal then more formal.


answered 26 Aug '11, 11:21

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That seemed to be how my parents did it when I was growing up. It worked.

(27 Aug '11, 10:42) Scott ♦♦

As a new mom, I have been thinking a great deal about this. I am a librarian in an elementary school and I find myself cringing when I hear kids call their friends' parents by first name. I have decided to err on the side of formality, so in the example you mentioned it would be Miss Smith. I would much rather my daughter be seen as overly formal rather than disrespectful. What I am not sure about is what to have my daughter address my best friend who is also my daughter's Godmother... my family is against non-family being given the title aunt so that becomes tricky.


answered 11 Sep '11, 14:35

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Erin L
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