I came across an article that got me thinking about the whole breastfeeding process again and about any other benefits that could be derived from it for mothers.

I found the article Breastfeeding Moms More Agressive Than Those Who Use Bottles was an interesting read, particularly the section below,

It may be providing mothers with a buffer against the many stressors new moms face while at the same time, giving mothers an extra burst of courage if they need to defend themselves or their child.themselves or their child.

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Interesting article Emi. Scott and I were having a similar discussion the other day. I have recently weaned our youngest daughter and had been discussing this with a friend (who also recently weaned her son). We both noticed that we were less irritable now that we had stopped breastfeeding. Neither of us thought of ourselves as irritable at the time, but we both (independently) noticed that we currently felt much more balanced emotionally. We suspected hormones and physical exhaustion were the cause. That being said, I don't regret nursing given all the benefits.

I found it interesting that in the article the authors state that the aggression is only in defense of themselves or their children; however, in the study this did not appear to be the case.


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I chalked my irritability up to going more than a year without a full night's sleep.

(07 Sep '11, 22:32) mkcoehoorn

This is very interesting. I've noticed increased irritability in myself since having my second and I'd chalked it up to stress (there are external stressors in my life besides having two young children), but I was also quite irritable the first time around.

(12 Sep '11, 13:46) Anne

More anecdotal evidence -- I find myself in a cycle of tension and anxiety that is resolved whenever I nurse. I noticed this when nursing my first and again nursing my second. As I mentioned in my comment above I can also be incredibly irritable and, quite frankly, a b1tch! Both anxiety and the release could be responsible for these feelings.


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