It is supposed to be a rainy weekend, I'm looking for simple arts and crafts projects for my 2 year old. I'd love some ideas.

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Scott ♦♦

Play-doh in several colors, a roller, and cookie cutters in fun shapes are favorites in our house and can keep us busy for hours. The "extruder" play-doh accessory is also awesome.


answered 17 Oct '09, 14:38

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My 3 year old loves cooking. We draw two circles on a piece of paper: this is the induction cooker. A box: this is the oven. His imagination finds vegetables, meat, eggs, salad, ...


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Get some mini pumpkins and finger paints. Instead of trying to carve a pumpkin, let your toddler decorate some with finger paints.

I did this with my daughter when she was two and she had a blast.


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My toddler loves painting as well.

(17 Oct '09, 19:53) Chris W. Rea

My wife has been making alphabet crafts with our 2 year old, she uses several websites for ideas, but here's her blog post on the results.


answered 17 Oct '09, 21:24

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Nice idea, :-) Your wife should be here on moms4mom too!

(17 Oct '09, 21:46) Emi

I'm trying to convince her! :)

(17 Oct '09, 22:01) Brien

I am going to try those alphabet crafts! Thanks for sharing!

(17 Oct '09, 23:20) Mommy trial and error

Here is an activity I did with my daughter when she was around 2;

We spent some time going through old magazines and cut tearing out colourful pages. my daughter had watched the Nemo fish film a few days earlier and the idea of making a collage had sprang into my mind.

We looked for pages containing the colours blue red orange. So it was fun first finding pages with those colours, ripping out pages, tearing, strips and then tearing the strips into smaller pieces.

Once we had enough paper, I draw a rough pencil outline drawing on some A5 paper. Three basic fish shapes, a daddy fish, a mummy fish and a smaller fish.

Then using PVA white glue we just dipped the bits of coloured paper into the glue, and then stuck it on the paper. We had glue brushes too, and sometimes used our hands. We really had fun doing it together. We first filled most of the area with blue and then started on the fishes.

The picture was not completed that day. We continued for a couple of days. We eventually finished our first collage together and it stands framed our office, with the date in the bottom lefthand corner. I love looking at it, and so does she. Now at 5 she appreciates it even more. We enjoyed it, I hope you can do something similar too.


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oh this sounds great! Thank you!!

(18 Oct '09, 14:59) Michelle
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