I was laid off shortly after having our daughter. I have never been so happy to be laid off from work because I found that I love being home with her. She is almost 5 months old. I did work for about three weeks when she was 6 weeks old and it was the worst 3 weeks ever. It sounds like I will be recalled to work in the next couple weeks. I am very nervous about leaving her. I would love any advise on easing myself back to work. What are the things I should be doing to prepare myself, my husband, and my daughter for this return to work?

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Firstly my advice would be to look at your options with regard to who will be taking care of your daughter while you are at work. For me personally this would probably be the most sensitive issue, because while at work I would like to be sure that my daughter is in good hands. You say you are nervous about leaving her so I guess you need to search for the right solution. I am not too sure what your options are, but pick the one that you feel more comfortable with.

I valued the fact that my office was close to the nursery and that I could be available for any emergencies that should arise.

If you have family and close friends near by this could be a good time for extra support from them too.

If it is at all possible try and build up your work schedule rather than jumping in full time, gradually lengthening your work hours will make the transition easier for you I think.

Try to organise all your daughters belongings so that she has all her necessary items available easily.

Cross check references of the places( day care centres ) or caregivers throughly until you feel comfortable.

I hope that your mode of work/employer is a mummy friendly environment and will allow the flexibility that you may require int he first few weeks.

Try and prepare a schedule for dinners and delegate shopping tasks between yourself and your husband until you can both adjust to the new timetable that you will have, and most important of all enjoy the time you have with your daughter in the mornings and when you see her in the evenings, and of course try to rest well so that you are not feeling at all burnt out physically and psychologically by the end of the first week

Best of luck!


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I just returned to work after being home with my kids for 4 years. I've been the only regular caregiver my 3yo son has ever had. Right now I'm working part-time, and when I get home he does want to get up in my lap and sit with me for a while because he missed me during the day. But because I'm part-time I still get to be home with him some during the week. It might be worth talking to your boss about returning on a part-time basis and working up to full time over several months, but I would think that your infant would handle the return better an older child.


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I wish part time or easing into it was an option but I am a teacher and when I get called back I am going to have to jump in full time full days.

(05 Oct '11, 13:55) Erin L
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