As I start thinking about the likelihood of being called back to work I have to start considering who will care for my daughter. I am lucky that my mother will watch her part time. I am nervous about where I should put her for the remainder of the time. I would like to know what people have found as positives and negatives in regards to a nanny coming to my home, a caregiver in their own home and a more traditional daycare. I am an educator and I am most worried that my daughter will not receive the interactions that an infant should receive to properly develop. I am afraid she will be placed somewhere and essentially ignored. I will have to find some type of childcare for her, I just want some information as I start considering these different types.

asked 11 Sep '11, 23:57

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(12 Sep '11, 10:52) Tammy ♦♦

How old is your daughter and where do you live if I may ask?

(13 Sep '11, 01:22) Emi

She is 5 months old and we live outside of Detroit, Michigan

(13 Sep '11, 08:53) Erin L

I think this would be different depending on the person but would have to depend on what you are looking for, what's available in your area, and your budget. For instance I have friends who live in Toronto and for them, once you have more then one child in daycare, it makes more sense financially to hire a nanny. In our area, daycare is generally less expensive.

I can only speak about our own experience. Our daughter attends a private home daycare and I think for her it is the best decision. My husband I and wanted a place close to home and therefore home daycares were our only option. From my experience there is a huge variety of home daycares and institutional (more traditional) daycares and visiting and interviewing was essential to finding a place what was right for our family. The following question contains a great list of interview questions to ask potential daycares.

When I was looking for a place, it was important that the daycare worker was experienced and followed rules for being licensed. I also asked her to provide me with a police check and vulnerable person screening.

Other things that I looked for were:
1) Someone that takes the children out for activities and spends time with them outdoors. I didn't want her to be cooped up in a house all day.
2) A place where she would be provided with healthy meals/snacks that were similar to the foods we ate at home (e.g. we try to avoid enriched floor and refined sugar).
3) Somewhere where they would try to keep her regular nap schedule as much as possible.
4) A place where learning would be part of the day similar to an institutional daycare. Not formal learning but the same type of informal learning, play based learning that she gets at home.

Something I didn't anticipate is that I really love the home environment that her daycare provides and I know that her daycare provider really cares for her and the other children she looks after. My daughter is anxious so that type of consistency and comfort are essential for her.


answered 12 Sep '11, 10:44

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