My 3 month old girl has always been a fussy eater since day 1. My wife tried breast feeding from day 1 but could only last 4 weeks due to our little girl not getting enough milk. So we went to formula (aptamil) and it took her ages to finish her bottle,but she did eventually finish it. We had a good routine going where she would feed on a regular basis. Then she was struck down with D and V for about a week. She was admitted to hospital and kept in overnight given dyralite for 10 hours and then milk was then reintroduced @ 2oz every 2hours and then gradually increaseing over the next few days. Its been nearly a week and our baby girl will only have a 6oz feed at the first feed in the morning, after that she will only have 2-3 oz of feed and then she starts crying. so we stop feeding her,but 10-15 mins later she starts crying again for food. We give her the bottle but she will only feed for minute or so and starts crying again. This process carrys on for well over an hour and it's distressing for my wife. We've swapped to aptamil comfort but that hasn't alievated the problem. I was wondering if any1 had any ideas how we can get her to feed properly and why it's happening! Our 2 year old son didn't have this problem it took him 20 mins to down his bottle and his weight gain was steady process. HELP!!!!

asked 13 Sep '11, 13:43

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Nick Judge
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Hi Nick, this seems like a common problem. Try checking out the answers to these other questions, as they may be helpful too.

(14 Sep '11, 15:32) Tammy ♦♦
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