My three-year-old has a vast number of tiny toys, checkers, figures, magnetic doll clothes, and doll house pieces that are small enough for my four-month-old to choke on. The younger one is closing in on crawling and I know that baby proofing will be needed soon. What should I do with all these potentially dangerous toys? Options I'm considering are keeping all toys banished to the playroom, or maybe creating some toy-free zones around the house. Has anyone successfully dealt with this?

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Argh, I am going to be facing this exact same problem very soon, too. Please share what works for you.

(27 Sep '11, 11:23) Anne

When our youngest was crawling and at the putting everything in her mouth stage, our older son liked to play in the living space where we were so putting small toys in separate room would not have worked. A couple of things that we did were:

  • Our main issue was lego. We put the lego on a table inside our playpen. Our son could then play in there to his hearts content with out younger sibling causing problems but he will still in the lounge and part of what was happening there.
  • kept those toys out of reach and got our son to play with them either at the table or when his sister was asleep or otherwise occupied.

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The younger child was normally confined to the living room. Only small person friendly toys were allowed in the living room. Everything else was kept in the dining room or in the bedroom.
We did allow toys to be bought in to the living room when the small one was asleep but they had to tidy up afterwards!
It got more difficult when the smallest child got old enough to no longer want (or need) to be confined to the living room. Thankfully by that time they were mostly over the sticking everything they find in their mouth. I think we allowed the older ones to play with what they wanted, where they wanted, they just had to tidy up afterwards.


answered 03 Oct '11, 15:32

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