We were thinking about buying a watch for our 4yo daughter. Something simple, with analogue display - so she could learn tell the time.

Any recommendations to what should I look at when buying a watch (e.g health and safety wise, etc) for her?

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We haven't got our kids watches yet but things I would consider would be:

  • no second hand. The one on our clock confused our five year old.
  • a comfortable strap
  • make sure the buttons etc are sturdy.
  • I would go for one that has an stretchy strap so that they can take it off themselves. I know my three year daughter would be want to take on and off and if it was a buckle then I would be continual asked.
  • Don't buy an expensive one as it likely to get damaged or lost.
  • In our house I would also not let them take it to places like school or preschool as there they are likely to get it damaged.

answered 24 Sep '11, 16:50

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The points K D makes are all important, and the reason we chose Swatch was for the those reasons.

We had purchased a childrens Swatch watch similar to this one, which our daughter used from 4 & a half onwards.

However one thing that did help alot was using a book that she had received for her birthday that was called 'Telling the time' The book had a clock face and dials that moved, and I think it really helped with the process of learning to tell the time. We have given the book away now to friends with small children but it was something similar to this Telling time


answered 25 Sep '11, 14:08

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I agree about the book as it gives them something to play and practice with.

(25 Sep '11, 21:00) K D
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