My two month old son has a constipation problem. Please help me with some home remedies for fixing the same.

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(30 Sep '11, 07:51) Emi

Hello Neeru, here is something that my mother told me to do, and showed me once. I didn't have to do it too often but I know that it did relieve my daughter and it did help her bowels work at that age, and also a few times she had gas problems.

My mother told me to warm a table spoon of olive oil and then to undress my baby and lie here down on her back in a comfortable environment. Then I was to place my finger tips and thumbs in the olive oil and and rub them together, then with very soft and gentle movements I was to gently massage my daughters tummy, with my thumbs. ( no sudden movements or no pressure at all, just very gently rubbing. Then I was told to slowly lift the legs towards her tummy area one at a time, and then together ( imagine a very simple baby yoga )

This gentle massage effect with olive oil worked for me, the few times my daughter was constipated at that age.

Best of luck.


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I recall being taught something similar at a baby yoga class years ago. With the leg movements, you have to go with what the baby is happy to do, don't try to force them.

(04 Nov '11, 10:41) Meg Stephenson

Although the following question refers to toddlers there are many answers that would also apply to infants.


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My answer on there refers to when my daughter was constipated at about 3 - 5 weeks of age.

(04 Nov '11, 01:27) mkcoehoorn

If he is formula fed, you might try switching to a different brand of formula. Although all formulas are essentially the same (in the EU at least), the slight variations mean that different babies find different ones easier to digest.

It's almost certainly not necessary to buy a special formula that's supposed to be extra good for dealing with constipation. Although such things exist, they are mostly just a marketing gimmick.


answered 03 Nov '11, 16:38

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