I never lost my "baby weight" from my first pregnancy in which I gained 65 lbs (I lost the initial 26 after birth, but that's it), and my child is already 2 years old :(

I have FINALLY just got the self-control and motivation to change my eating habits and exercise moderately throughout the week. BUT- my husband and I are also in the process of trying for another baby.

My question is: If I get pregnant this month, or next (whenever it may be) and I'm in the process of eating healthier and losing weight, is it safe to continue doing so while I'm pregnant?

I have been maintaining this higher weight since my son was born by eating unhealthy high-calorie snacks and foods, which I would NOT want to continue during a pregnancy anyhow. I feel that if I change just THAT (and the beer drinking, haha), without even concentrating on a "diet" per se, but simply eating healthy during pregnancy, that I would naturally be consuming about 800 less calories per day. (let's assume I eat 2500 calories a day right now?)

As long as I eat healthy and provide my baby with nutrients is it ok if I lose some weight during pregnancy?

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This is something I would definately bring up with your physician. Anecdotally I have heard of some overweight women who did lose weight, especially in first trimester, during pregnancy because they started to eat healthy. However, I just did a bit of research and remember reading in What to Expect while Your Expecting that you should not restrict your diet during pregnancy as your baby gets nutrition from what you take in, as opposed to your fat stores. Here's a link for you with some good information.

I guess what I take from all of the above information is that you should have a healthy diet with approximately 300 more calories per day then would be recommended for someone with your BMI who is not pregnant. If that leads to some weight loss at first then so be it? The caveat of course is to definately check with your physician. In canada I believe you can ask to be referred to a dietician if you want some advice on healthy eating when pregnant.


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When I got pregnant with my second child I was in a similar situation. I continued to lose weight through the first trimester, but then my doctor told me it was time to start gaining some weight. It is a situation where you need to have your doctor aware of what you are doing and when she says to stop, you need to listen.


answered 15 Oct '11, 19:35

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I would advise you to try not to gain weight by eating healthy food and staying away from junk food. But a growing baby inside you needs energy so don't starve yourself. You can start losing those pounds after you have your baby.


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I had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies and morning sickness and was never able to gain weight during my pregnancies. My boys were both born healthy, small but healthy. I am a plus size woman; I wear a 1x normally whenever I'm not pregnant. With both pregnancies I ate the recommended amount of calories, took long walks everyday and my blood sugars were never out of the normal range even though I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I lost 16 pounds while pregnant, and by the time I went in for my 6 week followup after delivery I was down 27 pounds from where I was on my first doctor's appointment. I'm not saying that this is anything to strive for but I know of a few other moms that struggled to gain weight while pregnant. It's not as easy as you'd think!

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Hi, my weight is 96 kg .my hight is 5.2 . I am pregnant what i do.i have one month pregnansy.

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I would talk to your doctor about losing weight while pregnant.

You definitely CAN eat healthy and exercise! !!! You can even go hiking and do low impact sports. Those are the best ways to help have a healthy pregnancy anyways. If you lose a little bit of weight it should be fine but talk to a doc. If you lose alot then there may be a problem and you could risk dehydration and other problems. Be careful and do not take diet pills. Those are not ok during pregnancy.

Also if you are trying always take a prenatal, I found they actually help your body get ready and possibly easier.

Good luck on your weight loss. You deserve to feel good about yourself. Just do it the right way when pregnant.


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I've never gotten morning sickness ever in all three of my pregnancies and this one. Yes I threw up a couple tuna sandwiches and maybe some dry heaves but over 3 pregnancies that's not morning sickness. So not every one absolutely loses weight because of morning sickness.


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