A girl in my daughters class told her that they have no power/heat or anything at their home...I'm considering calling cps(Child Protective Services), this isn't the first time she has told me this about the same child. She mentioned this to me about a month or so ago as well. I have seen this little girl and she is very sweet but her mother is less than ideal, she doesn't seem to think they need these things. I have also heard that the mother has had some pretty shady people living with her, one who is an ex con and another who is a constant alcohol/drug user.

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I am admittedly biased in my opinion based on what I do for a living; however, whenever you feel there is a child at risk of abuse or neglect it is worth a call. At least in Ontario you can report anonymously and those that report are protected from the law (i.e. you cannot be sued for calling).

In this particularly case I would make what we refer to as a hypothetical call. I know that you can do this in Ontario, so I am only assuming that other provinces, countries, states, would have similar systems. Basically, you call and ask if you can present a hypothetical situation. You give them as much specific information as you can while keeping all parties anonymous. The person on the line will then tell you if it is reportable or not and you can proceed from there.


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Actually, Ontario has recent legislation that makes it a "duty to report": If someone has reasonable grounds to suspect that a child is or may be in need of protection, they must make a report directly to a CAS (Children's Aid Society). It applies to: any person, including a person who performs professional or official duties with respect to children. Other jurisdictions would likely have different rules. BTW, I can't find any reference for the hypothetical call thing.

(05 Nov '11, 12:50) Scott ♦♦

@Scott thank you for including the "duty to report" legislation. I was informed of the option to present a hypothetical situation during an ethics seminars. I have also made a number of these hypothetical calls myself. Unfortunately in my profession these types of calls to CAS can be routine.

(05 Nov '11, 15:28) Tammy ♦♦
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