Does anyone have a favorite chair to nurse in? My wife's shoulders are in pain and our chair is horrible. We got it for $300 from costco.

what chair do you recommend?

asked 10 Nov '11, 22:10

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Many women find it far more comfortable to nurse in semi-reclined position - not completely flat but propped up with cushions or pillows whilst leaning back. It's sometimes called "laid back breastfeeding" for obvious reasons or "Biological Nurturing" because in that position the baby is able to rest on the mother's stomach and use his/her natural reflexes to push themselves into the best position to latch on to the breast effectively. Suzanne Colson (a midwife) has done loads of research on this and her website has a video and other information to help mothers to try it out.


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I always nursed in a regular chair or on the couch. I found that the most important thing (especially at first) was to put a pillow behind my back so that I had as much back support as possible. A good nursing pillow made all the difference. For my second baby I had My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow, which someone had recommended here. It made all the difference as compared to the inexpensive/smaller nursing pillow I had with my first child.

Eventually she will be able to nurse anywhere. I'm not sure how old your baby is but, from my experience the neck and shoulder pain were more from child birth then the position I nursed in and with time went away with all the other pains of childbirth.


answered 11 Nov '11, 10:02

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