Our children are 3 and 10 months, and we're thinking about finding a regular babysitter so that we can get out of the house a little more often.

In the past we've relied on nearby family, a high school aged neighbor, and another couple in our neighborhood that we're good friends with. Unfortunately, though we know a lot of people, most of whom are happy to take our kids, not many of them are geographically close to our home.

But these days...

  • The nearby family is less and less of an option as they appear to be starting their own baseball team ;)
  • The high school aged neighbor is no longer trustworthy (He was house-sitting for other friends in the neighborhood and decided to take their car for a joy ride... when he was 13! His dad's response? "But he's a good driver!")
  • The couple we would sort of trade babysitting with work opposite schedules and have limited time to see each other, let alone take our kids. We feel bad asking, and have a hard time scheduling even when we do ask...

So I'm hoping there's like an eHarmony for finding babysitters. There's got to be - I've seen one for dog walkers! Somewhere that parents can leave comments/referrals, etc.

Has anyone heard of anything like this?

At least once we find someone, we'll know what to pay them. :)

asked 14 Nov '11, 18:11

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I know that in Canada we have Kijiji, which has a section for Jobs -> Nannies and Babysitters. I would assume that Craig's List has something similar for Americans, and possibly people in the UK. However, I don't see any way to leave ratings or reviews.

There is a site closer to what you're looking for called Sittercity. You can search by geography, and leave reviews. Looks like it's only for the US right now. Also, you can do searches for free, but you have to pay $35 for a month of access to actually find a sitter. Another alternative in the US is care.com.

There is a site called Sitter Seeker that has both a US and Canadian site.

The UK seems to have childcare.co.uk and ebabysitters.co.uk, among others.

Note that I don't have any experience hiring babysitters through any of the sites above, so I would be interested in hearing from people who really have used these services.


answered 16 Nov '11, 20:44

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We've used care.com in the past and have been happy with it. We posted a job description, vetted several candidates and then had an in-person interviews with two. We called references and then picked one person and had a "trial run" which we paid her for. Basically, she took care of our son while we were still in the home and could pop-in occasionally to see how things were going. It was more a sanity check than anything else.

(17 Nov '11, 08:18) Kiesa ♦
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