My 2.5 year old's ear tubes fell out, and we are having them replaced next week. When he got them the first time he was too little to understand what was going on; now he is obviously much more aware. What's the best way to prepare him? I don't want to overhype it, as it shouldn't be painful and it will be over quickly; but I don't want to leave him completely unprepared. When should I mention it to him? The night before, or the morning of? How can I help him deal with his anxiety?

asked 29 Nov '11, 12:56

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If it were me I would bring it up a couple times but don't tell him it will be scary or anything like that. With my 3 year old I have often told her about needles at doctors and how they are to help her and her younger sisters not get very very sick. I do also tell her that it will hurt. I would say that just tell him what is going to happen, tell him about the different people he will see at the hospital and where he will lie down and if or if not he will sleep while it is happening... just tell him what will happen, don't add any emotion to it. And be sure to tell him the benefits he will get from having the ear tubes put back in.


answered 30 Nov '11, 22:02

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Our daughter is generally pretty anxious and that has always been our approach for appointments. To tell her what is going to happen in a matter of fact way so she knows what to expect without any fear. So far it has worked well.

(05 Dec '11, 11:31) Tammy ♦♦

Thanks for the pointers. That's pretty much what we did, but I'm not sure anything could have made it easier. He was great all the way up until when we went to the back, and then he just freaked out. I'm not sure he really understood what we were saying to him beforehand. Maybe this is just a bad age for it. :(

(06 Dec '11, 13:19) Anne

That's too bad. Poor boy. I'm sure he is glad it is all over now. Hopefully they don't fall out again.

(07 Dec '11, 10:04) nikjoyce
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