Our almost 12 month old has recently started grinding her teeth. She only has 4 teeth so far and began grinding them when the top two cut through; however, recently it has gotten worse. I have tried to tell her to stop and distract her to no avail (she is only a year old) and have resorted to giving her the soother. I would like to avoid this as so far we have been successful giving her the soother only for bed and limited other times.

I remember our oldest daughter doing this but it felt like it was easier to correct and didn't last too long. Our oldest daughter also hated the soother, so I think (I honestly don't completely remember) I probably gave her the soother when she ground her teeth, and since she didn't like it, it corrected the behaviour.

This won't have the same effect on the little one, anyone have any other suggestions?

asked 12 Dec '11, 11:03

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All of my kids did that too, Tammy. I think it's just the novelty of having these new teeth that match up and make a cool noise when you rub them together. The sound drove me nuts, but I tried to ignore it as much as possible and distract them when I could. Our dentist said it's just a phase lots of littles go through and nothing to worry about as long as they stop before they have their adult teeth. But just remembering that scritch, scritch sound is bugging me even now! :)


answered 15 Dec '11, 10:49

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Thanks Neen that is reassuring.

(15 Dec '11, 12:53) Tammy ♦♦
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