My sister in-law is 20 she has a nine month old son and neither she nor the baby's father(20) have jobs and as far as I know are not trying very hard to get any. They both have been caught taking part in some not so "parental" activities. She is getting evicted from her apartment and will not take any help from any of the family because no one is offering to help her for free. She gets 500 a month in cash from the Gov and 500 in food stamps. We offered for her to stay with us in our two bdrm apt for 200 a month.(not unreasonable). Anyway she's planning on staying at her apartment until she is forcibly removed and is already 3 days past her 72 hour notice. What I want to know is what is going to happen to my nephew. I love him like crazy and if he's taken from her I would be the First to jump in for custody. However, I am just barely 20 years old and IDK if the courts would allow me and my soon to be husband(23) to petition for custody of him. We have no kids of our own but we both have jobs and would be able to provide more than enough love for him. What should I do?

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From your question I am assuming you are living in the US. Child protection and custody laws will be different depending on your state.

The following questions address how do decide to call child protective services,

As far as your question around custody I am neither a lawyer or a child protective services worker. I have some experience working with child protective services in Ontario and Michigan and my experiences from those regions are that WHEN a child is removed they are most often placed with family members. That being said, a social worker that is a friend and colleague of mine has often said that children are not removed because of bad or questionable parenting, they are removed because of abuse and neglect.

I would suggest that the best way you could help your nephew would be to spend time with him and be a positive role model in his life. There are many studies about resiliency that suggest that one of the factors that help children overcome stress and adversity is to have supportive relationships.


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