My baby is 11 months, and constantly is wanting to be held all the time and I have to stand with him. he is 30lbs and he is killing my back. If he is not being held he is following me around the house pulling on my pants crying. I ignore him, he will not stop crying. I provide him with toys to distract him and it does not work. At night he wants to be held and walking back and forth in the room for hours till he falls asleep. I tried rocking him and he will start crying. I left him crying in his crib with classical music and he cried for an hour straight. My oldest was not at all this difficult. I might be loosing my hair from pulling it with frustration. I'm going crazy with lack of sleep and aggravation. He does not give up crying until he is held. What can I do???? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP! My husband and I barely have help and babysitter because no one knows how to handle my son. And no one will watch him late because no one can put him to sleep if we stay out. I'M GOING CRAZY!

asked 30 Dec '11, 12:32

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Is this a new behaviour, or has your baby always been this way? Usually when my girls behaved similarly (more irritable, difficult to console, clingy, trouble sleeping), it meant something was physically wrong. Either they were about to get a cold, were teething, or had an ear infection. It wouldn't hurt to call and speak to a paediatrician.

It may also be the beginning of separation anxiety. If that is the case, response to these questions may be helpful.


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