My almost 15 month old daughter would go to bed between 730-8 and then not wake up until 830. Well up until last Saturday she started going to bed between 830 and 9 and wake up by 630and I feel like she isn't sleeping enough. She will only take an hour nap for her but every time she woke up she would sit there and cry until someone went to get her. Idk why she is doing.this could someone help me out please!

asked 18 Jan '12, 08:00

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Hi, I moved this into it's own question so you can get some answers. :)

(18 Jan '12, 22:17) Scott ♦♦

My daughter does the same thing! She is 19 months. I don't think you have any thing to worry about. They sleep more when they are going through a growth spurt. 830 pm to 630 am is 10 hrs sleep. do you not think 10 hours is enough? Most people wish their baby slept like that I'm sure. If she is going to bed and sleeping 10 hrs then waking, its probably because shes hungry and thirsty especially if she slept the whole way through. Your body starts dehydrating after 1 hr of sleep. Don't fret that though.


answered 19 Jan '12, 03:24

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Hi! You make a good point about it being 10 hours of sleep. I'm curious about your claim that the body starts to dehydrate after 1 hour of sleep though. I can't seem to find that mentioned anywhere reliable (so it might not meet our back-it-up guidelines). Can you point us to where you heard that?

(19 Jan '12, 21:16) Scott ♦♦
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