My baby is 5 months exactly and exclusively BF. At around 2 mos she started sleeping for 7-9 hours straight for about a month and a half and then all of a sudden it stopped. I believe it was teething because she got her 2 bottom teeth at 4 mos. Now she is a terror at night! She goes down between 6p-7p and wakes around 9p/10p to eat, then back down and then up again between 11-1a to eat, then back down and for the rest of the night I feel that it's constant waking and eating every 1 1/2-2 hrs until finally we get out of bed at 8am. I'm TIRED! :( I've started to pull her in bed with me around 2a-3a so that I dont have to constantly be getting up. I just roll over and nurse her and try to go back to sleep. A part of me feels that I'm contributing to the high amounts of feedings because I know she'll go back to bed if she I just nurse and nurse and nurse. Am I creating a very bad habit for her???

BTW: She goes down initially so early bc my husband goes to work between 4a-5a and we typically go to bed around 8pm.

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What I've come to accept as mantra when dealing with "annoying" habits or "terrorizing":

It's just a phase.

It will be back to normal soon, and I've heard from many sources: "You can't spoil a baby under 1 year", neither will these habits stick around for long. At first it's getting used to day/night schedule, than it's an upset tummy that needs to get used to the milk, then it's teething, soon it will be something else.

I'd say: Try to go with the flow, if you breastfeed you won't overfeed. Try to put her in her crib/bed until you go to bed yourself and then just keep her next to you, so you can maximize the resting you yourself get.


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There's a good book on baby sleep called "the No Cry Sleep Solution" by Elizabeth Pantley. From my recollection and other reading I've done since - maximising the environmental difference between night and day (e.g. dark, quiet, calm, minimal interaction at night) and having a consistent and soothing bedtime routine, are both supposed to be gentle ways of gradually improving baby's sleep habits. Although you can't spoil a baby under 1, a baby over 12 weeks does start to have some ways of regulating his sleep.


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