A friend of mine was throwing a "Mad Scientist Party" for his daughter, which is a children's party where the activities generally revolve around fun physics and chemistry activities (dry ice, air guns, etc.).

If you were going to throw such a party, what are some good ideas, or resources for good ideas for activities? Has anyone been to such a party, or even hosted one? Do you have any feedback or tips?

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There are some good ideas in this related question about science experiments for kids http://moms4mom.com/questions/3815/science-experiments-for-kids

(14 Feb '12, 13:51) Tammy ♦♦

For "stuff", try the Steve Spangler Science Catalog.


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We had a "stars" party for my ten yr old daughter this January. One of the more successful games was "star formation". It was a variation on chase - one person is "it" and they are the start of the star, all the others are space dust. If proto-star touches space dust then the space dust sticks on (gravity), so the child must maintain contact (holding hands) and becomes part of the proto-star until all the children are joined together at which point the star reaches critical mass and ignites. After that the star goes super-nova and explodes so the game can start again. Someone on here will no doubt be able to point out the poor astronomy in this, but it was a fun game.


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