This is another sleep question (I just read through the ones already asked and none of them quite fit). My son is 8 months, has always been exclusively BF, and doesn't eat solid foods yet (we're getting OT for that). He sleeps with us because ever since he was 7 weeks old, he's woken up every hour or 2 to eat. We usually all go to bed around 10pm and he nurses to sleep (actually eats and then just sucks a bit). Then from whenever he falls asleep til about 3 or 4am, he wakes himself up every hour by rubbing his eyes. After that, he'll sleep for about 2 or 3 hours until 8 or 9, when he wakes up again, gets changed and dressed and then is ready to go back down in about an hour. He then takes hour naps throughout the day, but I really don't think he gets enough sleep, cause he's always grumpy an hour or so after waking up. I've tried holding his hands down, which works for a couple minutes, but then he starts kicking his legs and crying, which will escalate to screaming if my wife doesn't nurse him. He used to sleep in the Arms Reach until about 7 weeks old and then my wife would fall asleep in our bed with him while nursing so he just ended up there. We don't object to the co-sleeping, we object to the not sleeping. We aren't willing to let him cry it out.

asked 15 Feb '12, 22:07

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Sorry if I'm being stupid, but what does OT stand for?

(16 Feb '12, 11:35) Meg Stephenson

Occupational therapy.

(16 Feb '12, 14:19) Arkban

Is there a medical reason you haven't introduced solids yet?

(17 Feb '12, 01:41) Phil Seller

No, just that he won't eat solids. He'll just drool them out, so we're getting OT to attempt to teach him to swallow.

(17 Feb '12, 14:09) Arkban

My daughter is 8 1/2 months and has recently been unwell, during this time she refused all solids and went back to soley breastfeeding every 2 hours throughout the day and every 3 throughout the night. Since reintroducing solids she has gone back to waking once during the night for a feed and back to three feeds during the day. As she is now having breakfast lunch and dinner. Seems your baby has also associated feeding with sleeping, you might find breaking that cycle and teaching your baby to self settle will reduce the amount of feeds.


answered 17 Feb '12, 01:48

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Phil Seller
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You might be interested in checking this article out. It's worked wonders for myself and a friend who has been following Aware Parenting: After two nights of trying this my son slept a solid eight hours - this was following almost three months of waking every 2-3 hours, so it was an obvious improvement for us! He's up once in a while in between that time, but it's nothing compared to before we did the Crying in Arms spoken of in this article.


answered 21 Feb '12, 16:13

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