My wife and I are debating the idea of getting someone to help us taking care of our son who is now 8 months old. For the moment my wife is looking after him the whole day, and I look after him after work from 6h30pm until he goes to bed around 8pm. During weekends we split 50/50. And we both feel like we don't have enough time.

The weekdays are tough for my wife as our son sleeps only 2 hours during the day, and is very active and demanding (he wants my wife's attention 95% of the time).

A nanny seems to me the best option so that my wife gets more time and rest. But my wife does not like the idea to have someone at home who we don't know.

I am wondering what your experience is... Do you use a nanny at home? How many hours per day?

What would you recommend?

asked 29 Feb '12, 07:00

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Kids grow too fast. I'm not for nanny's but a lot of people are. In another few months your son will be able to play alone more and you will miss that time he wants attention!


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To help your wife get a break and at least be able to speak with other moms, instead I would recommend play groups. That way your son gets attention and learns to play with other babies, while your wife gets to speak with other adults and parents who understand what she's going through.

Do you have family, close friends around? It might also help to have a night out just the two of you while someone you trust watches the baby. This is another great way to feel refreshed and re-energized.


answered 08 Feb '13, 09:47

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