I've been worried about my 9 month old lately. He is 9 1/2 month, 8 adjusted. I'm just so worried that I find myself not enjoying him and having fun. I see a lot of people talking about how their baby is slow with physical milestones, but they're ahead with social milestones - I feel like my baby is behind in everything :/

What worries me is that he doesn't babble by saying Mamama or dadada and stringing them together. He really doesnt string babble together. I'll get a "Ahgoo or ahgee" maybe once or twice a day. He says a lot of oohs and ahhs, shrieks, laughs and smiles. The only real physical milestone he has is rolling from back to front and sitting unassisted. He doesn't mimic noises or gestures, reach for me, clap, wave or point. He reaches for everything else, toys, food, etc. He can feed himself small finger foods too.

I get so nervous when I read about most other babies his age walking, crawling, clapping, talking. You get the picture. Everyday I wake up hoping he'll do something new, but he doesn't :(

I should say last month at the 8 month well, my ped wasn't concerned.

I appreciate any comments or hopeful stories!

asked 05 Mar '12, 17:17

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Your son sounds totally normal to me when it comes to developing signs. My son didn't walk till he was 14 months old and didn't start talking till he was 18 months. Just stay positive and keep introducing him to things you would like him to do and he will eventually catch on. I don't think you need to worry at all. Remember every child is different and focus on your sons strengths rather than comparing him to other kids.
Good luck and I'm sure you'll start to enjoy your son more if you just focus on the positives rather than the negatives.


answered 06 Mar '12, 08:21

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