I would like to start giving my 6 month old son formula occasionally so I am able to get rest at nights. Does anyone know what the best type of formula would be for breast fed babies? I would like to stay organic and as close to breast milk as possibly.

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I exclusively breastfed my son until he was 7 months old. When I started supplementing with formula, instead of saying "I'm going to use x brand," I took the samples we had received when he was born, and tried them out with my son to see which one agreed with him most. Sometimes a study may show that x brand is the best or the most like breastmilk, but x brand does not sit well with your baby's tummy. So if you find something that everyone just loves, before you run out and buy a bulk supply, get just a small can or bottle of it, and try it out for 2 - 3 weeks before you commit to it.


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Thank you for your response. I never thought that the formula may not sit well in babies tummy. Brandy.

(09 Mar '12, 19:44) brandy

I've known a couple of families whose babies could not have lactose or soy based formula. And with my own, I noticed that my daughter spit up a lot more on the lactose than the soy. My son could handle pretty much anything we gave him.

(09 Mar '12, 19:57) mkcoehoorn

You don't say where in the world you are. In the UK there is useful report on infant formulae from the Caroline Walker Trust. It's a thorough scientific report, written by a former government nutritionist and has comparison tables for the different ingredients as well as discussing the different types of formula (follow-on, hungry baby, comfort, soy). Ultimately it seems that the first infant milks have little to choose between them, although some babies do seem to have a preference, and the other types of milks should only be used if directed by a medical professional.


answered 19 Mar '12, 14:10

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Meg Stephenson
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We used enfamil as a supplement to breast milk and it worked out well for us.


answered 11 Mar '12, 16:26

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