I have a 10 month old baby. He eats both solid food and purees but i feel he is only satisfied when he eats his purees so I give him food to chew as extras (biscuits,vegtables,bread...) so he can learn how to chew and eat properly alone. He even eats with me I put him on his highchair and I give him a small pieces of chicken,fish etc. Is this ok? Because recently someone told me that at this age he should have completely cut off al his purees and eat solid food only. When is the right time for babies to completely cut purees? Thanks a lot and I really appreciate your answers :)

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Something I remember Tammy mentioning to me was the phrase, "Food before one, is just for fun". It appears this is a motto of the baby-led weaning group.

I can tell you that we followed that idea with our youngest, pretty much what you're doing really.


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Thanks for your answer that made me feel im not the only one :)

(04 Jun '12, 08:29) laurah

My baby just stop eating purees before he reach a year old, you will actually know it, when your baby stop eating so. If he still eats when you gave him, then do so. These are very nutritious foods and it will be best for him, if he still takes then continue, then slowly introduce solid foods, so he will get use to it. Mashed potatoes and so on, are great for his growth and development. - http://ezinearticles.com/?Why-You-Need-to-Know-Your-Babys-Weight-Percentile&id=7351690


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