my 18month old son has constipation, he has had it for about 5days. i have tried fresh fruit juice, prunes sugar and water.. has any one else got any suggestions please?

asked 13 Jun '12, 05:34

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Have you checked the answers to this question, there could be some helpful points.

(13 Jun '12, 12:19) Emi

My children have always had a constipation problem. Our pediatrician had put them on MiraLax for a few days and it helped. I don't remember our dosage, but if it is a problem for another day I'd call your dr. Goodluck!


answered 30 Jan '13, 20:42

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My older sister has her over 1 year old baby constipated too. When taking the baby to the doctor, he says my nephew has has bowel movements that are lower than normal. She feels worried much and does not know what to do. I also search for some safe and natural remedies for constipation in infant and luckily, they show my sister and me one effective way to reduce this problem. This is massaging the baby's tommy. The result is after applying this treatment as well as some additional tips, my nephew has been better and his constipation is gradually gone.

This method can stimulate the bowel movements as well as reduce gas and even colic in baby. Massaging can help the baby have a good sleep at night. Here are some steps that my sister use on her baby's tummy:

  • Lie down the baby on bed
  • Rub the coconut oil on the stomach of the baby
  • Use the width of the two fingers from the baby's navel and then massage gently in about 5 minutes YOu can repeat the massaging two times per day for your baby.

In addition, you should watch out foods that can have a higher risk of constipation in baby, such as bananas, cooked carrots. Also, staying away from cow's milk since it can cause hard digesting for your baby.

Thanks for reading and Hope this help!


answered 25 Aug '16, 01:00

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