My 31 months old son is very picky about food. He used to eat meat like chicken, fruits like mango and grapes, spaghetti and meatballs when he was turning 2. But now it seems like everything i gave him is scary that he would turn his head or cover his mouth with a big "NO". Recently he just stopped eating his favorite Raisin Bran cereal and Oatmeal. That was the only food i think that i nutritious. I felt so sad about this. He only eats yogurt, bread sticks, some cheese, and fish cracker. And when we go to town, he is very demanding but would ask me politely (by saying "Please Mommy")to buy him french fries. And if i don't by it for him he would scream, punch me, and lay on the ground inside store and i wont be able to do my grocery shopping. It made me feel like i'm such a bad mom for not feeding my son healthier food. I really need help from mommies out there.

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Your son is testing your boundaries, and he has learned that if he can get his way by throwing fits. It may be necessary to walk out during some shopping trips and try them again later in the day or week. I know this is not always feasible, so it may be that you just need to take him out of the store until he settles down. He needs to learn that screaming and hitting are not acceptable and will not get him what he wants.

On the food issue, at each meal offer him some of what you are eating. Don't freak out if he only has one food group a day. Our pediatrician told us not to worry about feeding our kids all the food groups in one day, but try to get them over 2 - 3 days. Yogurt, cheese sticks and goldfish are not bad foods in moderation. But maybe try to balance the yogurt with some fruit, cheese sticks with crackers, etc.

My 3 yo son is a donut fiend. He always wants them. So I make deal when he goes shopping with me. If he is good through out the trip, no fussing, no wandering off, doesn't ask for everything he sees, then we will stop by the donut case and get one. But if he is naughty, he doesn't get a donut. It's not fun when I have to take him home without the donut. But it is necessary to enforce the consequences of poor behaviors. It is also necessary that, if you have promised a reward for good behavior, to follow through with it.


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