A friend recently said she was having trouble getting all her documentation ready for her fill-in during maternity leave.

What are the ways that you documented your work and how did you go about creating that documentation? Did you write it all out in one go? Did you do a little bit at a time as you went through your normal work routine?

I kept the document open in the background as I worked. As I started a different task, I would pull up the document, make a note of what I was working on, when it had to be done, files needed to accomplish it and who could be referenced in case of trouble, etc. I also worked through the procedures I had been given when I started and made sure they were up to date so that they would also be a valuable resource. Then I went through everything with my replacement about a month before my due date so that she would have time to ask me any questions before I went into labor (a good thing, since I delivered 2 weeks early).

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@mkcoehoorn I wasn't sure if you are referring to some form of official documentation required by your employer, the state, or just something you have done as a courtesy. There is no official documentation required in Canada, I just met with my replacement on a couple of occasions and went through the details of the job and transferred files etc.

(17 Jul '12, 17:12) Tammy ♦♦

The company I worked for had a standard transition form that they used any time someone was leaving a position but not every company has something like that set up. I'm asking about the process you used to create any sort of documentation for your sub.

(17 Jul '12, 23:04) mkcoehoorn
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