My newborn was sleeping and she started crying in her sleep. I woke her up and brought her close to me for comfort. On her dad's side of the family they have paranormal problems. They will be sleeping and they see demons pulling them off their bed but nothing by anyone else can be seen(sleep paralysis). Is this a genetic problem or just a normal nightmare? Its really worrying me.

asked 14 Jul '12, 19:13

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It sounds like you are referring to parasomnias, more specifically hypnopompic or hypnogagic hallucinations.

According to this 20-60% of people report having sleep paralysis at least once in their life. They don't talk about the genetics, probably because it's not considered a disorder; however, it appears that other sleep disorders, or parasomnias have some genetic influence.


answered 15 Jul '12, 12:51

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No worries Your baby is safe. My son did the same thing and i would worry too. Just rub her hair to comfort her. You see older children tend to cry when they are sleepy, its the same thing. The baby just wakes up and is sleepy so she cries, maybe flings her arms out as a reflex. Remember mommy, the Lord protects children from things like that, and on the other scale of things mental disorder don't happen until later in life. Pray on it.


answered 25 Sep '12, 21:37

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