Lately I have been feeling down and depressed and my baby will just be crying for no reason and I'm wondering if it has to do with the way I feel.

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You might find spending some time skin-to-skin with your baby helps both you and your baby to feel better. Skin-to-skin time releases oxytocin in both of you, which tends to make you feel more loving and relaxed. However, if you're feeling down and depressed have you considered the possibility that you might be suffering from postnatal depression? MIND have a lot of useful info which might help you decide if you need to get yourself some help and support.


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There can be a lot of different reasons why your baby is crying more lately, depending on your baby's age, gas, teething, growth spurt.

As for your question, according to attachment theory a mother's mood can affect the infants.

"Affective signals generated by maternal moods seem to become a form of communication with the infant. These exchanges between mother and child go on uninterruptedly, without the mother necessarily being aware of them. This mode of communication between mother and child exerts a constant pressure which shapes the infantile psyche. I do not say that this pressure produces anything in the nature of un-pleasure for the infant. I speak of “pressure” only because the words to convey these extraordinarily subtle and intangible exchanges have never been coined.”

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