Should we say "no" or should we let her continue and just ignore her? Any advice here?

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How old is your child?

(18 Oct '09, 12:53) Emi

she is 13 months

(18 Oct '09, 13:08) oo

a similar question has already been asked - there are some good answers in here:

(18 Oct '09, 13:11) erin

When our daughter (13 months) throws stuff on the floor, we don't really react right away. Sometimes it's an accident. If she continues doing it, we figure she's not hungry, so we take the food away. So I guess there are two levels of consequences:

  1. If you throw food on the floor, the dog eats it (it's not coming back).
  2. If you continue doing it, all the food goes away.

Other than that, we don't give it too much thought. (Thinking about it some more... we probably do give her a negative reaction, like an exaggerated frown, or just saying "uh, oh".)


answered 18 Oct '09, 13:02

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Kids are learning EVERYTHING at that stage and they figure out there is 'gravity' ... and everything that goes over the side goes DOWN. This phase will pass. Don't worry about it, don't get upset, just let the dog have it & take balance away, but don't hesitate to give her a bit more if she's still hungry .. she's NOT being bad ... just LEARNING. The fact that we as adults know gravity exists doesn't mean it isn't NEW to someone (a child) ;)


answered 19 Oct '09, 13:55

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+1 and I'll have everyone know that I personally never threw food on the floor. I was an angel. My brother on the other hand was a total devil child and did everything wrong... oh yeah... and... uhhh... "Hi mom." So so awkward to bump into your own mother on here... ;-)

(19 Oct '09, 18:07) KPW

hehe, that's funny. +1 to your mom from me too. :)

(27 Oct '09, 08:04) Sabrina

I would ignore her as she is looking for some sort of attention. I would try giving her smaller portions of food throughout her dinner time so she doesn't have as much food to throw on the floor at once!!


answered 20 Oct '09, 01:17

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For me, it depends on the age:

Under 18 months: I completely ignore it - otherwise it will become a game to get me to react. I don't even clean it up right away, I'll wait until the meal is finished, then clean things up.

18 to 24 months or so: I remind them to keep their food on their plate, and if they do it after I remind them twice I take away the food. At that point I'll decide whether to take them out, or leave them there. If I keep them at the table, then I'll wait awhile, and ask if they're ready to keep their food on their plate/tray/table. At that point they get one more chance, and then I'll take them out if they continue.

2+ years: Depends on how much effort I want to spend on the issue. If I have time, I'll have them clean it up immediately - it takes a long time, but a 2 year old can clean stuff up, and they learn pretty quickly which foods are difficult to clean up, and which aren't. Either way, they usually choose not to throw their food on the floor after doing this a few times. If I don't have time to teach them, I'll take the food away the first time and clean up the mess. If they are hungry and do need to eat more, then at this point I will probably make the effort to feed them myself, and tell them, "Since you can't eat by yourself, I'll have to feed you like a baby," which, independent creatures that they are, they really dislike. Note that the first few times it may actually be fun for them to both make a mess and clean it up - and that's fine - if they are willing to suffer the consequences, they are allowed to take the action as long as it's not to excess. It will eventually become a chore for them.

We haven't had to deal with them doing that as older children (6+) but more generally when they purposefully make a mess and they are fully aware that they shouldn't have done it, then they will not only be required to clean the mess up, but do more cleaning as well.


answered 18 Dec '09, 23:02

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It's a phase! Kids love throwing food on the floor. If she throws a few things on the floor I'd just let it go but if it's her whole meal then I'd step in.


answered 19 Oct '09, 11:55

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