I will be traveling for almost 20 hours including stop overs. 12hours in one plane!

I will be traveling with my two daughters. One is 1 year old and the second is three years old. I have no clue what to do. It will be all our first time traveling in a long flight. My husband is not flying with me so its just me and my two daughters...

I am planning to travel with a sit and stand stroller and wondering if that will help make things easier for me or a hassle instead. My youngest daughter will be on my lap but as for my 3 year old....Does she need a carseat during the travel?

I looked online on tips to bring and keep my toddler busy but I'm more worried about my younger daughter.... Any tips to help?

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I have never travelled that long with the two kids alone, and the other answers to the questions I linked to in my commed likely address many your questions.

Just to answer a few of your specific questions. You may not be able to have your stroller on the plane, meaning it might have to count as checked luggage and you might not get it in the airport. Many airlines allow only umbrella strollers for gate check. That being said, when I flew the airline did have such a rule but they still allowed me to bring in my large infant stroller. It was up to the person at the check-in counter I think.

Something I didn't know, until my return trip is that if you are travelling along with children, you are allowed to have another adult get a gate pass that allows them to go through security and stay with you until the plane takes off. For the airline I travelled, there was no cost and the individual simply had to have valid id.

There are carseats that can be used for planes, and special harness you can buy. When I travelled with my daughter who was 2 1/2 at the time, we didn't use one. No other children I've seen on the flights I've been on have had them either.

As far as entertaining a toddler, that's tough. We travelled with one child when she was 15 months. It was a relatively short flight and it was tough for her. We did a lot of singing.


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I understand your anxiety with travelling with young children. We have just returned from our holiday in America (about 14 hours) with our 2.5 year old. Your 3 year old does not need a car seat, they just sit in the adult seat. As per the previous post you are not aloud strollers on the plane. Most airlines have personal TV's so that will keep your 3 year old happy for some of the time. For more entertainment ideas for your 3 year old I have written a post on my webiste. I hope this helps, Leanne

Keeping my Toddler Entertained


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