My 7 month old had been refusing her bottle. I did take her to the pediatrician and he said she had a virius, and for her to take clear liquids for 2 days and start back with the bottle. The problem is: she is not taking too much of the clears either. Before she was switched to clear liquids we were lucky to get 2 bottles of milk in her. My personal opinion is she is teething? She is more fussy than usual, and she is eating her solids very well, she is hungry and reaches for her bottle but she will take a couple of sips and then refuse the rest. She has no diarrhea/no fever/no vomiting. I have tried baby advil/ teething rings/teething tablets/and orajel. They really have no affect on it. Any ideas on how to get her her liquids, and how long this will last? Should I call the doctor if her appetite does not get back to normal in a couple of days?

asked 02 Sep '12, 19:33

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Jenny Hilsmeyer
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She might have a sore throat, esp. if she has some virus. What about simple fruit popsicles or smoothies with ingredients that are baby-safe (maybe yogurt + frozen banana for example)? Having the liquids come in this form might be soothing (cold) to a sore throat. Teething might also have something to do with it, and again, the cold might help with that too. Chewing on a frozen facecloth always helped my little ones when they were teething. Best of luck!


answered 04 Sep '12, 13:31

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Teething seems to be the problem here.


answered 12 Sep '12, 11:12

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