I'm a mother of an 8 year old son, who is in 3rd std. He is so hyperactive,emotional, sensitive and an angry child. I use to get complaints from his school teachers that he is so distracting and not concentrating on the subject when the teacher is teaching. Also disturbing other classmates. Also in school bus, he is not sitting calmly always disturbing others some or other way. When I questioned him, he is saying that he did not doing anything, instead that the other child was hitting me and shouting at me or make fun of me or teasing me and I had just asked them loudly about why they are doing such things to me. Nothing else I did. But when I check with other kids and bus conductors they are saying he is the culprit. Please suggest to me what can I do in this situation, how can I handle this type of child. He use to lie to me also. I'm a single working mother and my son is taken care of by my mother, who is very old and he is not listening to her also and use to reply back to her in a very rude way. Please guide me.

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I think that the issues you are facing could be due to a combination of reasons. As you are a single working mother I am guessing that he misses you tremendously. Does he spend time with his father at all? Are you in touch? Discussing this with him and deciding on how to deal with it could make things a little easier for you. My guess is that he has tonnes of energy when he gets home from school but having to be taken care of by his grandmother maybe stirs up his emotions more.

My daughter is also 8, and while I understand that there is a huge difference between how boys and girls behave and play up I think that they are at an age where we can sit them down and explain stuff to them, but also at the same time getting them to talk about their feelings and frustrations. I have found that with some of her more hyperactive boy friends when we buckle down to talk about something they can actually listen and reply back.

You say he is emotional and sensitive too as well as angry... I think he may be dealing with so many feelings for his age that his irrational behavior is just a sign that he is crying out for attention.

Perhaps try to avoid questioning him or being confrontational and try to start a dialogue with him, and encourage him to communicate his feelings to you. Allocate a time where you spend time together doing something that he enjoys.

Good luck, and please lets us know of any progress that you may make.


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i am suffering with same situation. He has his father and mother both. But After reading this article, I think its due to lack of time which we are not giving him. I will try my best . Thanks .


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