Hi, My baby just turned 5 months and i started giving her rice cereal for the past 10 days since then she is refusing to drink milk (both bm and formula). She would drink when she is asleep. But when she is awake she just screams when i take the bottle near her. Please suggest some solution on how to make baby drink milk or is this just a phase. I just want her to go back to normal.

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This appears to be a common concern. We have had a lot of questions about babies around this age who won`t drink. Check out this link - http://moms4mom.com/tags/bottle-feeding/ It appears to be a phase that is commonly associated with a virus or teething.

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I think would be better to consult your pediatrician first about these things, so she can give you proper advice on what to feed your baby considering that she knows your baby's case. My son actually stop breast milk when he was already a year old and now he's turning two next month, he still drinking bottled milk. I suggest consult your doctor first, so you would know what foods are appropriate for her level considering that she is only 5 months old. It is also very important that you monitor her Baby Weight Percentile using Baby Calculators considering that she doesn't like to drink milk, this early. Every baby is really different, so you need to find a way, what works for her best.


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