I'd like to learn how other parents deal with their children s homework. My daughter who is now 8 enjoys school tremendously. The issue I have is that she seems to procrastinate rather lengthily when it comes to homework. While I enjoy helping and motivating her to do it, I have started to notice that she has become a bit dependent on that. My husband believes that she ought to be settling down and doing her own homework without any input from us.

What are you experiences? Should I gradually lessen the amount of my supportiveness? or should I just explain that she needs to do it on her own because that's just how it ought to be? What has worked for you?

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In our time it is one of the most important problem of our children. They don't want to receive new knowledge.They want to have fun, and that's it. You should explain her that she should do her homework without any input from you, because we should aim at making our children responsible, hard-working, self-motivated, and self-confident. Moreover, the tasks will become harder and she should be ready to cope with any difficulties. In the high school and, then, in the college and in the university students have to do a lot of practical tasks, read a lot and write well-written essays.That's why we should cultivate our children into open-minded and self-sufficient individuals capable of planning for our future and taking right decisions from childhood.


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I agreed with above answer I am adding a few points.

1: Spent some time with your child, tell some jokes to your child while studying so that he/she not get bored of studies and your presence.

2:Give your child some gifts like chocolates and candies after completion of studies.

3:Do these things regularly so that your child gets habitual of these things.


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