Our son is turning 5 soon, and we're looking for some fun ideas for party games (past the classic pin the tail on the donkey). He wants a robot-themed party, although the games don't necessarily have to do with robots.

asked 02 Oct '12, 11:05

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This question is asking about games for a younger child but some of the answers may be helpful http://moms4mom.com/questions/5928/ideas-needed-for-very-short-notice-entertainment-for-a-3-year-olds-birthday-party

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Maybe have them build a robot! Get some cardboard boxes, paper bags, springs, wiggly eyes... I'm sure you could find stuff all around the house.

Robot Simon Says - everything has to be done like a robot.


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We did a transformer's theme party (similar) and had the "arrival" activity (while we waited for all the kids to show up) be build a craft robot, we had precut construction paper into geometric shapes and gave them each a sheet of white paper and glue and googly eyes, and they each built their own robot. You could even have them decorate brown paper bags and then fill the bags as treat bags before the end of the party...

My husband built a cardboard box robot/transformer thing with square holes cut into it and we let the kids throw dollar store balls (like the squishy ones) at it trying to throw the balls into the holes. At that age they just enjoyed throwing stuff, no one cared to count points.

Good luck!


answered 07 Jun '13, 14:44

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There are so many game which you can make them to play like classic games(Red Rover, Blind man bluff), Tag games, hidden treasures, limbo game, puzzles games.


answered 25 Jun '15, 08:14

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