My mom had a abusive mother who use to hit her and stuff so my mom got adopted to my grandma who is really nice!!!~~!~!! and well my mom goes up to my face calls me the f word and all of these other names and other stuff and screams at the top of her lungs i witnessed her tackle my sister to the ground and slap her and she use to hit me but now she is afraid to hit me so she just calls me names my sister and i are really close like best friends and she told me i should tell my counselor honestly i want to but i want to stay in the same school i am in because i want to be with my friends and girlfriend. I could go to california because my family in california whom i have never met sadly my dad and my half sister and half brother i don't know what to do o and when i witnessed her tackle my sister i witnessed that 2 time and she like squeezes my wrist until they hurt badly and i just really want to punch her but i know not to do that because i don't want to stoop to her level what should i do?

asked 01 Nov '12, 18:22

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If this is happening to you and your sister I would suggest calling your local Kids Help Phone Line if you have one and/or Child Protection Services. If you don't know these numbers or are afraid, talk to a trusted adult, a teacher, your counselor, or your grandma so they can make the call for you to protect you and your sister.


answered 01 Nov '12, 18:32

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Tammy ♦♦
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my sister is 18 so they can't help her

(01 Nov '12, 18:41) Kidwhoneedshelp

Sorry I shouldn't of assumed you were both under age. If you are under age, your sister could call to protect you. Or she could call the police if your mom is assaulting her.

(01 Nov '12, 18:52) Tammy ♦♦

Well she called the police last time and they like asked if she wanted to press charges and she said no

(01 Nov '12, 19:47) Kidwhoneedshelp

Laws are different depending on where you live. From my understanding and doing a little research, police don't often make an arrest if the victim doesn't press charges, especially when there is no other witnesses or evidence. But things might be different where you live, they may not be able to make an arrest without the victim pressing charges.

(01 Nov '12, 20:49) Tammy ♦♦

Yes I do believe that they do not make arrest unless charges are pressed against the victim


answered 01 Nov '12, 20:55

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