My son has a temp of 38.9 should I be worried he's complaining of a sore belly and been sick a few times and got a really barking cough

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Hi, I converted this to a question because I believe you'll receive more answer this way. Thanks!

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Poor thing sounds like he is having a rough time. How old is he? Does he attend any sort of educational institute? How long has he been feeling like that?

I ask those questions because the symptoms seem similar to what I have experienced during the transition from Autumn to Winter months in the past with my daughter when she has caught bugs from other children at school.

I normally ensure she has plenty of rest, drinks fluids and use some home-made remedies like; warm milk with honey (if he doesn't have any allergies for the cough is what I generally try to stick to, particularly because I prefer to avoid any antibiotics) tepid bath (to cool him down)

I would also call your Pediatrician and discuss the symptoms and follow any instructions he or she gives.

Best of luck


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