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My son also has this prob, 1 year ago,he started to wake up at the middle of the night to cry for no reason, but just sometime, not every day.just quite recently we brought him to see doctor then doctor diagnosed he has hydrocele , something associated with hernia**

...and I read an article about Night Terrors

...and other article about suddenly-waking-up-hysterical

We concerned about our girl!

You have such a problem? Do you have a solution for it?

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Can you give us some more information about the specific problems your daughter is having? How old is she? How many times does she wake up? etc.

(21 Nov '12, 07:02) Scott ♦♦

more information same as links here. she hasn't any more specific hard problems, only i guess in sleep she has bad dreams?!! only 500 days old. and cant speak about her problems.

(22 Nov '12, 02:05) saber

It feels like you are asking about a number of different problems. I don't know anything about Hydrocele, but from what I was reading on PubMed this is treated surgically by a physician if it causes discomfort. Therefore the best course would be to discuss treatment with your family doctor or pediatrican.

Night Terrors are a different thing. These can occur in up to 6% of children between 3 and 12 years. My younger brother had them for several years. They are frightening for parents but the children usually don't remember and are not significantly affected. Some people believe they are caused by stress and can be get better with a good bed time routine. I know that my brother had a rigid bedtime routine and this didn't make a big difference. Most children will outgrow them eventually. There is really nothing your can do during the episode but ensure your child doesn't hurt themselves if they are moving around during the Night Terror.

From our own experience with our toddler, it doesn't have to be a sleep terror or parasomnia at all. Our toddler slept well for several months and then started waking up in the middle of the night screaming. We were never sure what was wrong, at times she appeared like she may have had some sort of pain, but since she couldn't communicate well it was hard to tell, and she always seemed healthy in the morning. Often she was just really hungry. Over time, we tried to get her to eat more solid food throughout the day by adding extra snacks between meals, and cut down her milk before bed. Then we weaned her off milk in the middle of the night by giving her very diluted juice instead. We also made sure the room stayed warm enough. Now after about 4 months she is better and gets up a lot less frequently.


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