We enjoy some movies, music, and books which we believe are ok for adults but are wildly inappropriate for small children (i.e.: this is a discussion about age appropriateness, not of morality). What's the best way to handle the storage of this media?

  • Should we keep it all in our bedroom (where children are NOT allowed)?
  • Should we leave everything where it is in common areas and teach children what is not ok for them to consume?
  • Should we not keep it in the house with children? (This would be a hard sell, but if someone believes this, I'd be interested in hearing why)
  • Is there another option we haven't considered?

asked 18 Oct '09, 18:54

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How old are your children?

(18 Oct '09, 19:26) Emi

We keep all our DVDs in the house, and sometimes they're not even put away. It's never been a problem at all. Our kids would rather watch something they know they like than look for other things - and they're likely to get bored by grown-up stuff before they get to anything worrying anyway, to be honest.

Normally, however, the grown-up DVDs (not just "inappropriate for kids" but "boring for kids" too) are just placed out of easy reach, on a high shelf.

It would depend on the age of the kids, mind you - I'm sure when our boys are around 12/13, we'll need to keep a more careful eye on things, as then they will have an idea of what they're "missing" and want to experience it. Mind you, at that point I suspect the internet will let them get anything they want anyway...


answered 18 Oct '09, 18:58

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Jon Skeet
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This is a not a simple answer. I have read the question a couple of times and I am not sure what level of inappropiateness you are talking about. For instance if you are talking about an adult content movie that a kid might see and consider boring then those movies I would keep with the rest of the family collection but more out of reach. If you are talking about a very scary/deeply disturbing movie that might have potential to give them nightmares then I would keep those in a separate area all together. If you are talking about porn or erotica that would never be something your kids should see then you might want to consider keeping those under lock and key or out of the home all together so they could never be accidentally stumbled upon. If your kids are small they won't want to bother with your movies as theirs are much more exciting in their eyes but as they get older and more curious they might try and check out your movies so just make sure the ones they have access to are suitable for their viewing or at the very least not detrimental to them.


answered 18 Oct '09, 19:20

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